Our Most Important Customer

Many of the 700 Refinery employees (and hundreds of retired employees) live in the local area, and participate in a multitude of civic, social, church, and school organizations. 

In addition, they donate thousands of dollars and many volunteer hours each year to organizations in the Martinez-Contra Costa County area.  We give our employees up to 18 hours of their work time for community service and ask that each department complete a community project each year.

It is not uncommon for Shell Martinez Refinery employees to complete over 50 community service projects in a year. They range from painting the Martinez Library to building picnic tables at the waterfront, and wiring computers in the schools.  The Shell/Martinez Education Foundation Run/Walk for Education and the Martinez Community Appreciation Day are two of our signature events. 

As a corporate citizen, Shell's Martinez Refinery takes an active interest in the area that gives it its name. 

Our community involvement also includes participating each year in numerous cultural and civic programs.  Tours of the Refinery, films, speakers, and other educational resources are offered to area schools, and the Refinery contributes to many area charities and nonprofit organizations.  Shell's Social Investment program has invested millions of dollars back into the community.

Safety - Our Highest Priority

To be successful,  Shell Martinez Refinery must ensure the health and safety of our workers and other workers at our site, protect the environment, and be a good neighbor to the community.  Our employees share these values and individually accept the responsibility for their part in those efforts.   Most of all, they know safety means concern -- for themselves, their fellow workers, and the community in which they live and work.

Refinery health, safety, and environmental specialists monitor the workplace around the clock, and employees regularly inspect facilities and make suggestions for improvement. This, along with training workshops, seminars, safety and environmental studies, drills, firefighting schools, first-aid instruction and steadfast attention to the wearing and proper use of protective equipment -- are all part of the Shell method of operation.

Another facet of the Refinery's safety effort is a comprehensive industrial hygiene program. Professionals in this field give guidance in handling hundreds of products and substances used or manufactured here.  This staff is responsible for insuring the health of our employees.  Keeping close tabs on and reducing such things as noise and dust levels within Shell is another major responsibility.  We also have a community air monitoring team, which can be deployed to take readings in the community and ensure that we do not impact our neighbors.

In case of worker injury or illness, a modern medical facility is available at Shell, and is staffed by an industrial nurse, and part-time physician who help employees with medical problems and questions.  In addition, Shell's trained firefighters -- all of them graduates of the University of Nevada - are also equipped and trained to respond to medical emergencies.

Our Greatest Asset

Shell Martinez Refinery Company takes careful interest in the environment, and is committed to meet or exceed California's stringent environmental standards.

Over the years, as homes and businesses have grown up around the refinery, the Shell Martinez Refinery has welcomed its responsibility to our neighbors. The goal for operations is to reduce, if not  eliminate potential odors, noise, or smoke. Only steam and water vapor - which is sometimes mistaken for smoke - is routinely seen to rise from various units.

The Shell Martinez Refinery has a constructive working relationship with the various regulatory agencies safeguarding northern California's natural resources. The Refinery's environmental experts meet regularly with these agencies to ensure that we comply with all laws protecting air, water and land.

Shell's Martinez Refinery utilizes pollution control technology and has a comprehensive inspection and monitoring program for all equipment. 

The Refinery has been recognized in the area of flare management.  Flares are a safety device used to combust excess gases and to prevent emergencies.  Flares play a crucial role in the prevention of incidents.  It is Shell's belief that flares should be used judiciously for emergency purposes, and not for routine operations.

Shell's Safety and Environmental programs are all about People and Planet first in all that we do.

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Safety is always our top priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people, or put our neighbours or facilities at risk.