Employees should NOT attempt to come to the site unless specifically requested by management.  All personnel MAY return to work starting Monday, August 22nd as per your usual schedule.  Production 12-hour shift workers should report per the guidance of their supervisors.  If you are unable to report to work as scheduled due to unsafe conditions or a personal situation with your home or vehicle, please contact your supervisor for direction.  As a reminder, if you are not specifically requested by management to report to work before Monday please DO NOT go to the site.

Operationally, the Geismar site continues to be in a stable condition.  If you are returning to work Monday morning, there will be a plant-wide safety stand down at 7:15am.  All employees are expected to attend.  If your personal circumstances prevent you from attending please discuss with your supervisor.

Given the impact to our area, special benefits have been activated for impacted eligible Shell employees.  These benefits include salary continuation if you are unable to report to work, temporary living assistance, and interest free loans.  In addition, due to a shortage of hotels/alternative housing options, Shell has resources to assist you with locating housing for you and your family as well as resources for rental cars if you are in need.  For additional details about these benefits and resource, and to inquire about your eligibility, please contact the Shell Emergency Response Line at 1-866-745-5489 or 1-877-40SHELL (407-4355). All benefits are for impacted Shell employees only and are subject to local HR approval. For any other questions, please contact your supervisor or manager as they are working closely with local HR to address employee concerns.

Employees will also be contacted to assess what, if any assistance, you can use from crews that will come out to assist with home stabilization (removing debris, wet flooring, carpets, and furniture, etc.).  If you need this type of assistance you can also notify your Supervisor to be prioritized for a call.  If you are interested in volunteering to assist in this effort please notify your supervisor.

There is still flooding is various areas so please make sure to keep you and your families safe.  If you are in need of immediate assistance call 911.  The curfew for Ascension Parish has been lifted but please continue to observe any others in effect.

As things become more stable we will organize volunteer efforts and community support. If you are not impacted or working and would like to offer assistance now, and it is safe to do so, please feel free to work through your local agencies or churches.

This can be a very stressful time. If you or one of your family members needs assistance dealing with the pressures, contact Beacon Health Options at 1-800-543-8114 for counseling that is anonymous and free of charge.  This can be a valuable resource as we start to recover from these events.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our employees, friends, families, and neighbors in our communities as we all work together to recover from this catastrophic event.

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Safety is always our top priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people, or put our neighbours or facilities at risk.