How We Transport It

The Geismar Plant ships product via tank trucks, general purpose and pressurized rail cars, isotainers, ocean vessels and inland barges to customers throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries.

Shipments range from 500-gallon truck compartments to 5,000-metric-ton tanker liftings. The flexibility of the Shell Geismar Chemical Plant logistics system allows for the accommodation of most customer distribution requests.

Rail transportation is particularly convenient, due to a major line with access to the Midwest and other railroads crossing the plant property. The facility can load an average of 35 to 40 tank cars per day.

General Logistics Facilities

  • Approximately 125 storage tanks managed (not including unit tanks)
  • A total of 11 truck loading spots, 55 rail loading spots
  • Dock with shore and riverside berths
  • Three blenders (two Neodene and one Neodol)
  • Shipping lab for product release

Logistics Capacity

Type Number Volume
Truck 6,000 6%
Rail 13,000 55%
Barge 350 20%
Vessel 90 19%