Participants needed for Shell/BakerRipley initiative to shape future in Deer Park area

Building on more than 20 years of partnerships to support communities across Houston, Shell and non-profit neighborhood developer BakerRipley are rolling out a Pathways to Possibilities project focused on Deer Park, La Porte and Pasadena. Until the middle of March, BakerRipley will be seeking to connect with Shell Deer Park employees, community groups and residents to create a vision for future prosperity.

Pathways to Possibilities is an umbrella approach to understanding the pathways in communities that can lead to enhanced economic mobility and career advancement, greater educational opportunities and equitable access to all community resources. The effort was announced late last year as part of Shell Deer Park’s $2.1 million commitment to community development.

“The structure of Pathways to Possibilities is to ask asset-based questions in the community to recognize and build on these assets while learning about participants’ aspirations for next-generation success,” says Chris Burbridge, BakerRipley’s assistant manager of appreciative inquiry and design for program strategy and evaluation. “We’ll aggregate that information into a broad strategic plan to achieve the goals of stakeholders across the community.”

A recent example of Pathways to Possibilities in action involved understanding people’s post-pandemic needs across Harris County. Input from numerous engagement sessions helped guide funding from the federal government in ways that will have the most beneficial impact on communities.

“The program presents a great opportunity for people in the Deer Park area to have their voices heard and be empowered to drive change,” Burbridge says. “BakerRipley is ready to attend events and have the conversations to continue our mission that began in 1907 to strengthen Houston communities.”

Scheduling a date and time to participate is fast and easy for both groups and individuals. For more information, contact Burbridge at

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