James Ramirez

James Ramirez is a Production Supervisor at the Shell Deer Park refinery but he also plays bass in the site’s band 7-Mile Perimeter. Below he shares his story on what being involved in the band is all about:

7-Mile Perimeter is made up of folks from all walks of life - we have folks from operations, from the hourly workforce, HR, the lab, security. Honestly, it started with us getting together and just making noise and looking for that chemistry.

It’s all about trying to connect with the site, honestly by something that’s really common, which is music and everybody loves good music.

We get out there in the field and talk to folks and if the band comes up this is a conversation that leads to talking about goal zero or whatever new initiative is out there. Music is music but then you have a vehicle to engage other folks for different reasons and I really think the whole band thinks of it like that.

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