(ISSUED at 1:00 PM CST) Shell Deer Park to Continue Operating During Hurricane Laura

Shell Deer Park plans to continue operating as Hurricane Laura makes landfall approximately 130 miles to the east, near Lake Charles, Louisiana. However, only personnel required to prepare for landfall and to operate the facilities will be on site starting this evening, August 26th.

Shell Deer Park’s top priority is to protect people, nearby communities, the environment and our assets. If conditions change and lead to an evacuation, we are prepared to carry out plans in a safe and orderly way. We will work with the media and other means of communication to notify employees not to report to work if conditions could be unsafe.

Shell Deer Park has a workforce on duty at all times that can operate and maintain a facility safely or, if necessary, shut down the units in a safe, controlled manner. The team who stays behind during a storm to maintain control of the site has a mix of expertise deemed essential for the situation. This often includes personnel who work on logistics, security and site supervision as well as an emergency medical technician.

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