What makes a good leader? What are you hoping to get out of the Louisiana Youth Seminar (LYS)experience? How do you plan to apply the skills you learn at LYS to your life and community? Do you see Shell as a leader in your community? Why or why not? How would you improve upon it?

These are all question that Deer Park students John, Kiersten, Christopher and Nyah took time to think through before applying for the scholarships to LYS. Here are their thoughts:


picture of john

“A leader is a person who can stand up to a challenge and show authority when needed and can maintain it. Some main ideals that make a good leader are responsibility and courage as they are important because a leader is an individual who can take power and obligation, as well as the courage to do so. A good leader is also a person who listens to others and is not selfish , who's understanding and co-operable.”


photo of Kiersten

“A great leader is someone who will put others before themselves in order to better the people around them. Leaders should be motivators, encouragers, and a positive influence to all people. A great leader also has to be selfless when it comes to making a decision for the good of the team or other people.”


photo of Christopher

“A good leader is someone who is reasonable and compassionate. Knowing how to be able to view and understand different people and viewpoints without being biased or prejudice is an essential part of being a good leader. I also think that a leader has to pull people together and drive them to a purpose, while also providing support, and establishing yourself as a backbone to your people/team.”


photo of Nyah

“A good leader is someone who can put the needs of the group first but also do what’s best for them. Leaders should be outspoken people who aren’t afraid of taking initiative and being in tough positions.”

About LYS

LYS was founded in 1971 on the belief that if businesses, communities and government are to have effective leaders in the future, LYS must help students to develop their core leadership skills such as effective communication, setting and achieving goals, teambuilding, understanding and accepting others, developing self-confidence, conducting effective meetings and problem-solving skills.

Over the past 47 years, over 10,000 high school students have been positively impacted by their week-long leadership experience at LYS.

“Shell Deer Park’s partnership with LYS enables students to benefit from this intensive leadership development,” LYS Founder Jo Pease described. “We’ve had many students from Deer Park attend throughout the years and they’re so appreciative for the experiences they receive.”

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