Helping Employees Reach Out (HERO) is a Shell social investment program to financially increase the impact when employees give money and time to 501c (3) non-profit organizations they feel passionately about. Shell provides 1-to-1 matching funds up to $7,500, but there’s a double matching period that occurs each fall.

Shell Deer Park has a long history of supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), and in this video you’ll learn more about how the site's funds enable this organization to pursue groundbreaking research and provide support to families across the country.

Please note that LLS is just 1 of 400 non-profits supported by Shell Deer Park employees. Shell Deer Park’s HERO campaign helps employees fuel their deep passion for giving back.

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Shell Engineer Beats the Odds in Battle with Cancer

When Rick Frantz – a civil structural engineer at Shell Deer Park – received a Stage IV cancer diagnosis, doctors told him he might have six months to live. Thanks to Shell’s cancer management benefit, he’s back at work, full of energy and can’t wait to meet his second grandchild.

Giving Back

For more than three-quarters of a century, Shell Deer Park has demonstrated its dedication to the community through our focus on safe, secure, environmentally responsible operations.

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Shell Deer Park is a 1,500-acre complex located in Deer Park, Texas, approximately 20 miles east of downtown Houston.

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We have built a strong relationship with the community through decades of collaboration and a commitment to powering progress together.

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