Providing Meals

Providing Meals

Shell Deer Park partnered with Harris County Precinct 2 with their program Precinct2gether and handed out 1600 meals to the Pasadena Community. On Thursday and Friday 5/7 and 5/8 we were able to hand out sack lunches and hot meals to the community.

Hand Sanitizer

Providing Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer was another big need in our surrounding communities.

We were able to provide each OEM (LaPorte, Deer Park, and Pasadena) 25 cases of hand sanitizer. Each of those cases contained 6-1 quart size bottles of hand sanitizer. These bottles are ideal for refilling existing dispensers and can also be using in spray bottles. Here are a few pictures LaPorte sent in, they were extremely happy and overjoyed from our donation.

Providing Face Masks

Face Mask was another need. We were able to get 500 masks to Captain Jared Sessum with the Deer Park EMS. Jared was able to get those masks distributed throughout the Deer Park community for the front-line employees.

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