We often talk about our people being our most important asset, and it is evident in times like these, as your safety is our top priority. The check-in process for Shell employees in the Houston area has been activated, and if you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to check in as soon as possible. If you have checked in and your situation changes (i.e. you are no longer safe), then please update your status. Our local HR team is liaising with the corporate team leading this effort to understand the needs of our people and to get in touch with those that have not yet checked in to account for their safety. Some employee assistance benefits, such as a temporary living supplement and waived eligibility and co-pay requirements for phone lines to reach registered nurses and physicians, have been activated. Details on these benefits can be found via the Shell Emergency Hotline: 1-877-40-SHELL or 1-866-745-5489 – Option 4.

I recognize there have been a lot of folks working very hard to carry out the controlled shutdown of the site. Their physical presence onsite has meant that they are unable to be at home with their families during this difficult time. Thank you to all of these individuals and their families for the support in allowing them to be here. I often comment on the nobility of our work, and I believe it still holds true. We create the products that enable mobility and fuel our world and are the solutions for our future, and strive to do so in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Your support in that enriches the lives of so many people and is deeply appreciated.

I also recognize that many of our employees may have come out of the storm with little impact and are at home, eager to come in to the site and see how they can help. To those folks, please understand that we are not yet open for business as usual. Until we are able to safely bring people in and manage additional activities at the site, please work from home and continue to keep in contact with your supervisor.

Currently, we are continuing work to get to and maintain a safe and stable shut down position with the crew we have onsite. Once we reach that position, our work will continue through additional phases before we can come back online. We'll have to deal with receding water and impacts to infrastructure – both in the Houston area and within the site. Once the waters recede, we will do an assessment, then repair and mitigations, and only when we feel it is safe, will we look at a start-up. We will be in touch with the additional folks needed as we progress through these phases. In the meantime, your support by checking on each other, helping colleagues to check in so that we can account for everyone, working from home as you are able and making sure your families are in a stable position so that when you are called back you can return quickly, is appreciated.

This is a difficult time for all of us and our community. I want to commend you all on your efforts to safely weather this historic and catastrophic storm and pray that you and your families remain safe. 

I am so proud to say, "We are Deer Park."

Barry Klein

Deer Park Site GM

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