A father's life at Shell

My Dad, Edward Wayne Berrier, was a long-time Shell Chemical employee, from the late 1940s to the late 1980s. Dad always spoke very highly of Shell as a place to work. His attendance record was amazing, showing that he really appreciated his job as operator in in the Ethyl Alcohol unit. Like most operators, he was a shift worker. As a family that was something that we just understood and took in stride. I do remember we could not play in the house or front yard when he was working “graveyards” because we would wake him as he tried to sleep during the day.

Being a union member, he would occasionally be on strike. Even during those times, I do not recall him mentioning anything negative about the company. Shell took good care of its employees and the employees took good care of Shell. It certainly furnished the majority of our family’s income for about 40 years. Shell supported our family and proved to be a great place to work for my Dad.

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