David Rennie

I grew up in Houston, but never thought I would work for an oil and gas major. Fast forward and 2018 marks 28 years with Shell for me, all but 6 here at Deer Park.

There have been a lot of changes throughout the decades – highway 225 had stoplights and the Baytown Bridge first opened for traffic in 1995, and the Deer Park Center was completed in 2008. Today, when I roll into the parking lot, I am still overwhelmed like the first day I arrived by the shear massiveness of this site, but also by a sense of pride for what we are accomplishing here and the difference we are making.

From rebuilding our infrastructure to preparing our site for the energy transition that is to come by clearing out old facilities, and making room for new ones when we earn the right to grow. That’s my #MyShellStory.

#MyShellStory is a campaign asking you to share your story about Shell Deer Park. If you, or your family, have a story about working at the site, with our employees on community boards or if you’ve ever visited the site during family day or a new unit opening event, we’d like to hear it. Post your stories, photos or videos on social media and tag it with #MyShellStory.

You can follow along as employees share their #MyShellStory by following Shell Deer Park on Facebook and Twitter@ShellDeerPark

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