Shell Deer Park Refinery


Just before the Great Depression, Shell became the first manufacturer to call Deer Park home in 1929. At that time, Deer Park had no other businesses or buildings in what is now a bustling community about 20 miles east of downtown Houston.

The original 800-acre site was carefully chosen for its location along the Houston Ship Channel. In the 1940s, Shell added a chemical plant that it continues to own and operate today.

The site operates 24 hours a day and is a unique combination of processing equipment, control rooms, storage tanks, environmental protection equipment, office buildings, shops and warehouses – all run by highly skilled, well-trained and experienced employees.

The plant makes very few final consumer products. Instead, it manufactures base chemicals or raw material chemicals and sells them to other chemical companies that turn them into thousands of consumer products. Our chemicals enable a higher standard of living for those who use our products. We strive to power progress in communities across the country – every day.

Shell Deer Park’s location near major products pipelines and dock facilities is one of its most important assets. This provides the site with numerous transportation advantages and significantly increases efficiency when delivering or receiving products. Most chemicals from Deer Park are shipped via pipelines, but the site also uses ships, barges, rail cars and trucks to supply customers in the U.S. and foreign countries.

Key chemical plant business categories include:

  • Light Olefins – ethylene, propylene and butylenes for plastics, pharmaceuticals, insecticides, antifreeze, detergents, etc
  • Heavy Olefins – isoprene, butadiene and piperylene for latex paints, adhesives, tapes, wire coating, synthetic rubbers, ink, etc.
  • Phenol – phenol and acetone for plastics, wood preservatives, dyes, antiseptic products, agricultural chemicals and other products.

Inside Our Operations

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Powering Progress in Our Community

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Environmental Excellence

Shell Deer Park invests in the latest technology and makes improvements in operating procedures and training programs so it reduces its footprint and achieves continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Social Investment & Membership

We have built a strong relationship with the community through decades of collaboration and a commitment to powering progress together.

Giving Back

For more than three-quarters of a century, Shell Deer Park has demonstrated its dedication to the community through our focus on safe, secure, environmentally responsible operations.

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