A curious visitor to Shell Woodcreek.

On any given weekday around noon, the employee cafeteria at Shell’s Woodcreek campus is packed with several thousand employees enjoying a good meal. On this special day, they shared that space with a small colony of bats, a tiny owl, raptors and one very nice turtle named “Pear.” Welcome to Powering Conservation Day 2019!

Now in its third year, the event brings together environmental non-government organizations and Shell employees to meet wildlife up close and learn environmental tips they can do in their own backyards.

“This year’s theme was all about small changes adding up to big differences,” said Pam Rosen, US Social Investment manager.

“It’s really not so much about making large full-scale lifestyle changes, but helping people learn simple things they can easily start doing at home and work that, together, can lead to big differences,” she added.

Displays and demonstrations showed how employees can capture and store rain water to nourish vegetation, plant milkweed and native Texas seeds to attract pollinators and recycle better both at home and in the office.

Several groups brought in rescue animals to give employees, and some of their children, a chance to see wildlife up close. These included bats from the Austin Bat Rescue, an Eastern Screech owl and a Crested Caracara from the Wildlife Center of Texas, and a loveable turtle named Pear (for her soft green color when she was born) from the Galveston Bay Foundation.

Employees spend their lunchtime learning from a number of different organizations including the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, and the Coastal Conservation Association.

Learn more about Shell’s environmental stewardship and visit the interactive conservation project map.