Shell and feeding Texas complete food truck tour providing 3,700 hot meals to devastated Houston communities

Shell and Feeding Texas Provide Hot Meals to Devastated Houston Communities Following Hurricane Harvey

As part of their ‘Rise and Rebuild’ efforts, Shell and Feeding Texas joined forces to provide relief to communities who have continued to deal with the impacts related to Hurricane Harvey during the month of November. Feeding Texas a non-profit organization that is leading the effort of a hunger-free Texas.

As part of this effort, Shell donated the use of its blue “Super Gyro” Synergy Truck, a product of the latest collaboration with the Shell #makethefuture campaign, to multiple community locations throughout the Houston region including: Good Hope Church, Living World Emergency Mobile, Marshall Middle School, Abshier Stadium - Deer Park, Bible Way, The Summit, St Peter Claver, Hearts & Hands, Covenant w/ Christ Int., South Texas Dental, Bethel Ministry, The Summit, Christian Tabernacle, South Texas Dental. In total, the Shell Synergy Truck visited 15 locations, and provided a total of 3,700 hot meals.

Earlier this year, U.S. university students participated in a hackathon to design two food trucks using bright energy ideas created by entrepreneurs from around the world. The Synergy Truck features six bright energy technologies including:

  • A Pavegen walkway along the length of the truck window, generating visual data about the energy potential of consumers’ footsteps as they order their food created,
  • Two GravityLights hanging to generate light from the power of gravity,
  • Two Insolar umbrellas around the truck fitted with solar technology to enable phones and other USB devices to be charged, as well as solar panels on the roof of the truck to help power the kitchen appliances,
  • A Capture Mobility turbine on top of the truck to generate power from wind energy to help power the kitchen appliances, 
  • A grill unit using bio-bean’s carbon neutral Coffee Log briquettes to cook the food and a bio-bean capture unit indicating the potential energy of the coffee waste collected,
  • A MotionECO capture unit indicating the potential energy of the waste cooking oil collected.

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