Pennzoil® recently announced it is pushing the limits of traditional motor oil marketing and thinking more like a car manufacturer with the launch of the brand’s latest creative campaign, Next Level Performance. Maneuvering through and hovering above the streets of Cape Town, South Africa, Pennzoil put famed stunt driver Rhys Millen behind the wheel of a custom Dodge Challenger Hellcat to push the limits of innovation and introduce consumers to new content, an air lift drift.

WATCH: Pennzoil Air Lift Drift

Pennzoil ventured halfway across the globe to bring to life the groundbreaking technology inside of every bottle of Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oil with PurePlus™ Technology. To grab the attention of general consumers, the brand developed a commercial story line more closely resembling that of a car manufacturer than a motor oil brand. The videos aimed to feature action packed moments, special car effects and precision driving, rather than a typical bottle pour shot.

“Pennzoil has made the switch to natural gas technology, a clean, pure synthetic base oil leads to better performance,” said Doug Kooyman, Pennzoil Global Brand Manager. “We’ve developed this series of vignettes featuring compelling and entertaining content to keep consumers engaged and informed on the first innovation in the motor oil category in more than 40 years: PurePlus Technology.”

Experienced driver and automotive enthusiast Rhys Millen was chosen to get behind the wheel of a custom Dodge Challenger Hellcat loaded with Pennzoil synthetic to tear up the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. Millen expertly navigated the gridded streets of Cape Town to encourage consumers to “Make The Switch” to the premium line of Pennzoil full synthetic motor oils. The footage was developed into three separate entities, reaching broadcast and online audiences with a 30 second TV spot, a 90 second longform video and a behind-the-scenes video.

“Collaborating with Pennzoil was an easy choice. Hellcats and helicopters; who could say no?” said Millen. “I was truly impressed with the experience and share a mutual appreciation for the passion, drive and technology that backs up Pennzoil products.”

To help consumers visualize the brand’s next level performance capabilities, Pennzoil attempted an amazing driving feat: an airlift drift. The 30 second spot that debuted on national TV on March 30th was just a teaser leading up to the 90 second online video featuring Millen drifting a Hellcat through the city streets before stopping on a landing pad. In the longform video, visual effects show four Sikorsky Helicopters lifting the Pennzoil-filled Hellcat into the air on a driving platform high above the city.

Unlike traditional synthetic motor oils, Pennzoil Platinum with PurePlus Technology is formulated from pure natural gas and that helps lead to better performance. The Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic line of motor oils is designed to provide Complete Protection, without compromise. Pennzoil Platinum premium motor oils keep pistons cleaner than any other leading synthetic[1], deliver better fuel economy[2], protect against horsepower loss, provide unsurpassed wear protection[3] and deliver excellent performance in extreme temperatures.

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About Pennzoil®

At Pennzoil®, we’re car people. We love cars and the role they play in our lives. That’s why we tirelessly strive to produce the most technologically advanced, highest performing motor oils on the market. Our Pennzoil Platinum®, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™, and Pennzoil Platinum® High Mileage Full Synthetic motor oils with PurePlus™ Technology start with pure natural gas, leading to better performance. PurePlus Technology™ is the patented, revolutionary process, which converts natural gas into high quality full synthetic base oil, with fewer impurities than traditional base oils made from crude oil. It’s Motor Oil Reimagined™.

Pennzoil® is the most trusted motor oil brand in America.* The full line of Pennzoil® quality products includes Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oil, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic motor oil, Pennzoil Platinum® High Mileage Full Synthetic motor oil, Pennzoil Gold™ motor oil, Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil, Pennzoil® motor oil, and Pennzoil Marine®engine oil. For more information about the full line of Pennzoil® lubricating products, motor oils and filters, please visit Not just oil. Pennzoil®.

*Based on a survey of licensed drivers conducted by a leading research firm January 2005 – December 2013.

About Shell Lubricants

The term ‘Shell Lubricants’ collectively refers to the companies of Royal Dutch Shell plc that are engaged in the lubricants business. Shell Lubricants companies lead the lubricants industry, supplying more than 12% of global lubricants volume. a The companies manufacture and blend products for use in consumer, heavy industrial and commercial transport applications. The Shell Lubricants portfolio of top-quality brands includes Pennzoil®, Quaker State®, FormulaShell®, Shell TELLUS®, Shell RIMULA®, Shell ROTELLA® T, Shell SPIRAX® and Jiffy Lube®.

aKline & Company, “Global Lubricants Industry 2012: Market Analysis and Assessment.”


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