An environmentalist from Austin Bat Refuge gingerly handles a tiny, furry bat in his hand.

Butterflies, Birds, Bug Hotels, and Bats!

On any given weekday, Shell’s West Houston Woodcreek campus is home to about 6,000 employees. On this special day, it became home to butterflies, birds, and bats. Welcome to Powering Conservation Day 2018!

Now in its second year, the event brings in Shell conservation partners to show employees how they can support conservation efforts in their backyards, mirroring the projects that Shell and its partners promote to protect biodiversity near major operations.

“We made a conscious effort to give employee hands-on ways they can make a difference in conservation,” said Marti Powers, External Relations Manager US, “whether they live in an apartment with a patio or have a big suburban back yard.”

Displays and demonstrations showed how to build a water garden to filter rain water, pollinator gardens to attract monarch butterflies, and the uniquely named “Bug Hotels” to attract insects critical to the surrounding ecosystem.

“I’m proud to work at a company like Shell that supports conservation,” said Shell employee Jennifer Tracy. “I learned how I can plant milkweed to attract butterflies and places where I can volunteer to plant trees to help restore habitat.”  

Shell and Conservation in the USA


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Over the past 100 years, Shell has continued to help preserve and protect our communities through conservation projects and initiatives.

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