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Retail Energy Marketers

Shell Energy’s supply programs allow retail energy companies to focus on sales, while knowing they can back those transactions with energy hedge purchases at competitive prices.  Shell Energy is an active participant in all wholesale power and gas markets, providing retailers a one stop shop, regardless of the markets they enter.  Shell Energy North America Is a major market participant, marketing more than 13.9 Bcf of gas each day, and 50 (Mln MWh) of power annually. 

The company manages 5,000MW of generation across North America.  Shell Energy North America also offers a suite of green energy products to help retailers diversify their product mix.  Beyond supply, Shell can assist with scheduling services across North America.

Retail energy companies are sales driven organizations, who are frequently handcuffed by capital-driven supply constraints.  Shell Energy has provided structured supply solutions for more than a decade.  These structures allow retailers to focus on sales and proper hedging, rather than sweating market swings and collateral calls.  Shell Energy North America is active in all deregulated power and gas markets, and supports a portfolio of nearly twenty successful retail energy companies. 

Our tailored offerings include a unique suite of flexible credit and finance solutions, along with support from risk management experts. 

  • Comprehensive mark-to-market coverage
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Platform for expansion
  • Expertise with ISO’s
  • Environmental products