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Global Reach. Local Expertise.

Wide open and pipe-laden interior of a refinery

We don't just offer a product. We offer regional insight about your specific needs based on local or regional regulations. Whether it's flexible terms, energy risk management, pipeline capacity or transportation, we provide support throughout the cycle.  We collaborate with you to create a tailored solution - one that translates into a valuable, long-term partnership.

With production of approximately 1.5 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas per day and access to 5,000 MW of power generation, we have a diverse supply.

Innovation and environmental solutions are also key pillars of our business.  We’re focused on helping customers cope with the constraints of anticipated regulations, and the complexities of carbon cap and trade programs. Backed by a rich history and diversity of national assets, our goal is long-term security and partnerships. Our marketing and trading capacities are backed by solid financial strength and a commitment to fair and ethical business practices.