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Gulf Coast

System Maps and Specs

Port Arthur Products

The Port Arthur Products Station (PAPS), located in Port Arthur, TX, receives and stores clean products from local refineries. The tank farm has storage capacity of approximately 4 million barrels and deliveries through the station gain access to markets served by the Colonial and Explorer pipelines.

Sinco Pipeline System and Colex-Pasadena Terminal

The Sinco Pipeline System provides a variety of product delivery options to Houston-area terminals and pipelines. The system offers connections to Shell’s Deer Park Refinery, Lyondell Houston Refining, Motiva Marketing Truck Terminal, Kinder Morgan Products Terminal, Shell Colex-Pasadena Terminal, Magellan Galena Park Products Terminal and the Magellan Orion System. The Sinco system has 14-, 10- and 8-inch pipelines which provide the flexibility to deliver product when and where needed.


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