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One reason, of course, is that underground pipelines must pass underneath urban areas to deliver products to residences and businesses.

Another is that our population has grown, increasing the demand for pipelines to be built to transport these vital products to the people who use them every day. And with this population growth, the wide-open spaces that once overlaid pipelines have been developed into subdivisions, shopping centers and streets. Today, more people than ever are living and working with pipelines nearby.

You can play an important part in protecting your community, the environment and your property. Here’s how you can help . . .

  • One of the leading causes of pipeline failure is excavation and construction-related damage. If you’re planning to plant a tree or shrub, put in a fence or undertake any digging project, large or small, call 811, the National One Call Center so that nearby pipelines can be located and marked.
  • If you see any suspicious people or activities near a pipeline, immediately notify your local law enforcement authorities by calling 911.