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St James

Comprehensive services in a key supply corridor

Located in St. James, Louisiana, in a major strategic supply corridor for domestic and foreign crude oil and just 160 miles upstream from the mouth of the Mississippi, the Sugarland St. James facility offers outstanding access to Midwest and Baton Rouge refineries.

St. James can be safely and reliably accessed via various pipeline connections, ship or barge.

Your resource for reliable, cost-effective transportation services The Sugarland St. James facility is part of an integrated network that provides unequaled access to key supply basins and markets in North America. No transportation provider offers the coverage that we can, thanks to our tailored services and vast network of trunk lines, distribution systems, interconnects and terminals. We have a proven track record of operating excellence and high utilization rates.

A trusted partner for safe, dependable and cost-effective product transportation from origination to destination, Shell is your market connection.