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World-class facility with growing flexibility

The facility is the origination point for outbound movements to the Mustang 18” and the Westshore 12” pipeline systems, which deliver Canadian crude to several area refineries as well as Patoka, IL distribution hubs.

A number of additional pipeline connection possibilities exist and are currently being pursued.

Terminal facilities

  • 16 tanks with a nominal capacity of 2.0 million barrels, ranging from 60,000 to 180,000 barrels.
  • The incoming stream from Enbridge delivers product to Lockport Terminal at approximately 30,000 bph.
  • Outbound movements are originated from Lockport Terminal at up to 5,000 bph.  Redundant pumps for each outbound movement are installed for increased reliability.
  • Dedicated metering and manifolds for each outbound movement eliminates conflicts and provides terminal flexibility.
  • 127 acre facility with room for additional tankage and approval from Lockport City Council for such expansion.