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  • Sugarland St. James Terminal - Located in St. James, Louisiana, in a major strategic supply corridor for domestic and foreign crude oil and just 160 miles upstream from the mouth of the Mississippi, the Sugarland St. James facility offers outstanding access to Midwest and Baton Rouge refineries.
  • Lockport - Located southwest of Chicago, the Lockport facility receives Canadian crude from the Enbridge IPL 34" Pipeline and serves as a distribution point for movements originating on the Mustang 18" and Westshore 12" pipeline systems.
  • Houston to Houma (Ho-Ho) - Both the 22-inch and 18-inch pipelines originate at the Shell Pipeline Houma Terminal.
  • Westward Ho - The Westward Ho project envisions building a new pipeline, originating in St. James, LA to connect the St. James, Houma and Clovelly, LA markets with the Texas markets. .


  • Gulf Coast Crude Pipelines - Whether you are an independent producer looking for one-stop shopping for crude oil transportation or a major oil company looking for a wide range of transportation alternatives, Shell has the pipeline assets to help you. We also have available capacity, transportation arrangements, and quality-bank management systems.
  • Eugene Island and Bonito Systems - Located south of Houma, the Eugene Island Pipeline System (EIPS) is a 20-inch pipeline from SMI128 to Caillou Island connected to the Ho-Ho 16-inch pipeline to Houma Terminal. The Auger Pipeline connected to the Ship Shoal 22-inch sour crude pipeline to Gibson Terminal and associated 20-inch pipeline (batched) to St. James Terminal compose the bonito sour crude system. 
  • HLS/LLS Systems - Located southeast of Empire is the Delta HLS crude pipeline system. Current capacity is approximately 300,000 bbl/day. The Ship Shoal LLS system, located southwest of Houma, includes a 16-inch sweet crude pipeline to Gibson Terminal with a 20-inch pipeline (batched) to St. James.
  • Mars System - Located southeast of Houma are the joint-interest sour crude Amberjack and Mars pipeline systems. Current capacity of this wish-bone configured pipeline system is approximately 600,000 bbl/day downstream of Fourchon. With origins from the Walker Ridge, Green Canyon and Mississippi Canyon areas, respectively, deliveries are made to Chevron's Fourchon Terminal and connected carriers at the LOOP Clovelly Terminal.
  • Shell GOM Coastal and Offshore Crude Oil Pipeline Network Overview

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