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That's why state laws require anyone who is planning to dig, for any reason, to contact a One-Call Center at least 48 hours in advance; some states require 72 hours notice. Even a small project, such as planting trees or shrubs or installing a fence or deck, requires a call. And, even if you have contacted a One-Call Center for a previous digging project, you must call again.

How can you reach a One-Call Center?

It's simple. Call 811 from anywhere in the U.S., or call your state's toll-free One-Call Center telephone number.

You'll reach a One-Call Center operator, who will gather information about where and when you plan to dig. Within a few days, representatives from the companies that own and operate buried lines near your digging site will meet with you to mark their location with paint or flags and to provide you with information on how you can prevent pipeline damage.

The call is free, the line locator service is free - and you'll be able to dig without risk of injury, environmental impact, penalty or service disruptions.

State One-Call Centers

  • California   1-800-227-2600
  • Illinois   1-800-892-0123
  • Kentucky  1-800-752-6007
  • Louisiana  1-800-272-3020
  • Mississippi  1-800-227-6477
  • Oregon   1-800-252-1166
  • Tennessee   1-800-351-1111
  • Texas    1-800-344-8377
  • Washington State   1-800-424-5555

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