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If an emergency did occur, we take immediate action to protect people, environment and property.

First we take steps necessary to protect life, environment and property by shutting off the flow of product through the pipeline, isolating the affected section of pipe and calling emergency response organizations.  Then we focus on assess and addressing environment impact and property damage. We also immediately assemble and deploy a team of experts to the location to address the emergency.

Our primary concern is the safety of the community and our response team. Once all safety issues are addressed, we begin assessing any property damage resulting from the incident. We also take steps to preserve the integrity of the site and work closely with local, state and federal agencies to determine the cause of the incident and appropriate remedial measures.

We take steps to ensure that we are fully prepared to respond if a pipeline-related emergency occurs.

We have developed comprehensive plans that outline steps to be taken and roles and responsibilities that Shell response personnel would assume if a fire, rupture, major leak or serious incident occurred at or near one of our facilities. Our employees undergo training and attend crisis response workshops and emergency drills.

We also hold ongoing public awareness and community education meetings to inform the public of the proper response to an emergency. In addition, we meet with emergency responders, which enables company employees and emergency personnel to work as a team when responding to an emergency situation.