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Saving the Coast

Shell Pipeline in the Community

Shell Pipeline partners with organizations such as the National Estuary Program, Ducks Unlimited and Americas Wetland Foundation to help fight coastal erosion in Louisiana.

Our employees take a personal interest in this issue, participate in the Americas Wetland initiatives, Governor Coastal Commission and hosts of related activities such as educating the public about coastal erosion and its environmental impact.

Promoting Pipeline Safety

Shell takes a leadership role in getting the word out about 8-1-1 “Call Before You Dig” to people who live and work along pipeline routes. We visit schools, make presentations to civic associations and other groups, place ads in such magazines as Wild Life and Game Warden and mail brochures to stakeholders to heighten pipeline safety awareness among community members as well as local public officials, emergency responders, students, excavators and other organizations.

In addition, we participate in numerous organizations, including trade associations, safety groups, excavator meetings and damage prevention summits, to promote pipeline safety and provide giveaways with the 8-1-1 logo. We also leveraged our sponsorship of the Richard Childress Racing team by displaying the 8-1-1 logo on the No. 29 Shell-Pennzoil Chevrolet during a televised NASCAR event, spreading the pipeline safety message to more than 75 million people.

Meeting Local Needs

In addition to our coastal preservation and pipeline safety programs, we support a variety of organizations and activities that reflect the needs and interests of local communities. For example, after a hurricane struck southern Louisiana, our response ranged from distributing recovery kits to area residents to providing grants to damaged schools.

We routinely participate in both short-term projects, such as providing gifts for underprivileged children, to longer-term initiatives such as participation in Partners for Education, a non-profit organization that helps students gain the academic, technical and employability skills they need to succeed in the workplace. We serve as a sponsor for organizations ranging from the Foundation for Academic Excellence to the American Heart Association. In addition, we encourage our employees to invest their time and talent in supporting local organizations and projects.

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Shell is committed to protecting the unique ecosystem of coastal Louisiana and has partnered with several local and national groups that are working to preserve the state's natural assets.