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Guy Lovett: Hi, I'm Guy Lovett and I'm Shell's technology manager for Ferrari and this is the Inside Track to Spain.

Marc Gene: Circuit of Catalunya is one of my favourites because it's my home grand prix, my home track.

Felipe Massa: You have a lot of high-speed corners like corner three, is like a flat-out corner

Marc Gene: Turn one, goes after a very long straight. It's clear the place to overtake and it's going to be the end of the DRS zone

Felipe Massa: The last sector is very slow you need a very good car, very good traction very good power as well in the exit of the last corner

Marc Gene: The stadium is a huge crowd most of the spectators are there and you can really feel the crowd being very close to us.

Guy Lovett: Spain, which is the first European grand prix of the season corresponds with a number of performance upgrades, for most of the teams and this is something that we certainly target

Mattia Binotto: We are trying to bring what is the very first package of development for the season from the engine and from the lubricant and fuel point of views

Marc Gene: We know the circuit inside out we know everything that's going on not only us, also engineers, mechanics we have so much data that making a difference is quite difficult

Ian Albiston: We have over thirteen thousand data points of reference  and we can quickly pinpoint any potential problems with the engineers

Mattia Binotto: having good data from the Shell point of view, data that we had from the previous years,  is important in order to prepare a right simulation, make sure that everything is well prepared for the race.

Diego Ioverno: If you have an advantage you want to consolidate it. If you have a disadvantage you hope to have close the gap

Marc Gene: All teams have a lot of data and only the ones who have the most attention to detail may make a difference