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Felipe Massa: Hi I’m Felipe Massa and this is the Inside Track to Canada

It’s a track where you have very long straights so you need very good power from the engine


Marc Gene: Very hard on the brakes the car is very light because you don’t have a lot of downforce, you have one of the highest top speeds in the calendar.


Felipe Massa: But also you have a lot of chicanes, so you need a softer car.


Marc Gene: It’s a street circuit so you can make no mistakes and fuel consumption is of upmost importance.


Mike Evans: Acceleration out of the corners is critical the responsiveness of the engine and the fuel and then the long straights so top end power is also very important, but it puts big demands on the fuel. So fuel efficiency.

Stefano Domenicali: What we’re doing is try maximize performance of the engine in a situation where we have a frozen specification, so the only really extra power may come from the help of Shell.


Mark Wakem: It’s well known as being harsh on brakes therefore there will be harsh accelerations as well anything that puts more stress on the engine puts more stress on the lubricant . We’ll be looking more closely at the used oil analysis that comes out of the track side lab.


Lucy Taylor: We take 30 samples of fuel and 40 samples of oil throughout the weekend.


David Salters: The engines treated like a member of the family they don’t quite get to fly in first class but more or less.


Felipe Massa: In Canada people really loves Formula 1.