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Guy Lovett: Hi I’m Guy Lovett, Shell’s Technology Manager for Ferrari and this is the Inside Track to Silverstone.


Felipe Massa: Well Silverstone is a very famous track, a lot of high-speed corners.


Marc Gene: It’s a high downforce circuit, you need a lot of torque, you are using high gears for a long period of time with a lot of full power situations. What you need there especially is performance.


Felipe Massa: It’s a track that change of direction is so quick, so you need a stable car.


Marc Gene: That’s a circuit that would be very demanding for the drivers and also for the cars.


Guy Lovett: High downforce typically means more drag on the car which requires more engine power to overcome that drag and a higher fuel consumption to produce the power.


Mike Evans: For a circuit like Silverstone we would obviously have a fuel that’s really good for top end power.


Marc Gene: Having a little bit more power, just two, three horsepower more can have a direct impact and can be the difference from winning or not winning.


Mark Wakem: On a high downforce circuit like Silverstone you get high stress on the engine introduced by the acceleration against the drag. The cooling may be less than optimum so you get more heat, more power going through the oil, and therefore the oil is under higher stresses.


Lucy Taylor: It’s a great atmosphere, for us with Shell it’s always going to be our home Grand Prix so it’s a really nice race to go to.


Stefano Domenicali: Silverstone is one of the historical Grand Prix, together with the Italian Grand Prix with Monte Carlo these three that represents something more.