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Marc Gene: Hello I’m Marc Gene Ferrari’s Formula 1 test driver and this is the Inside Track to Nurbergring. Nurbergring may be a very good example of how much safety has improved on the circuits. You realize how lucky we are to be enjoying Formula 1 as it is today


Guy Lovett: clearly safety in Formula 1 has improved significantly over the years. From a fuel perspective, the biggest single change has been the ban on refueling during races, which really brought on the challenge of fuel economy into our development process.


Mattia Binotto: Nurbering is very interesting because it’s a circuit which is in altitude where the engine will deliver less power due to the lack of density


Mike Evans: The fuel for the Nurbergring will be giving good performance, so again we’re looking for the responsiveness of the fuel as you come out the slow corners the engine to pick up cleanly and accelerate well down the long straights


Mark Wakem: When the vehicle is set up at the track on the Friday they’re looking to make sure that the cooling is right to bring the temperatures into a normal acceptable range obviously you have to allow for ambient conditions


Marc Gene: Through the lubricants you can make sure that the engine is running smoother, it’s living longer it has less stress the temperatures are lower. So we always put first of all a lot of stress into reliability and only when you have reliability then we work into performance