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Marc Gene: Hello this is Marc Gene, Ferrari's official F1 test driver, and this is the Inside Track to Bahrain.

Bahrain is very challenging, on the engine side because of dust mainly. Yes, its hot but its the only grand prix where you can have a sandstorm.


Diego Ioverno: Bahrain is a break circuit so breaking performance is very important.

Its in the desert so there is a lot of sand everywhere. Its very important to try to keep clean the engine air duct and all the parts of the car.

Marc Gene: For the engineers one of the main worries is that the drivers keep complaining that the car is very bumpy in some places around the circuit, and if you want to make the care more drivable in that respect you may lose the performance.


Guy Lovett: Bahrain is certainly a demanding circuit on the Formula 1 calendar given the extreme temperatures and dust that we have to contend with.

So we have to be able to design an oil that maintains durability without compromising performance.


Diego Ioverno: The job that we do on a regular basis with Shell technician on the labs is normally fundamental for us but in places where there is a lot of sand a lot of dirtiness around as Bahrain, its even more crucial.


Mike Evans: We need to ensure that the fuel which is placed in the car at the start of the race is still giving good performance at the end of it, so by then its as warm as a cup of tea, its really hot.


Marc Gene: Shell on the lubricants side, they can help us protect the engine and protect the gearbox.

And now that you have to use the same engine for many races, protection and reliability - its an even more important thing - and we are very proud of that, because Ferrari in 2012 was the most reliable car in Formula 1.