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Diego Ioverno: I’m Diego Ioverno Scuderia Ferrari Race Supervision Manager and this is the Inside Track to Italy


Marc Gene: Monza is the most demanding track for the engine, not only on performance but reliability


Fernando Alonso: When you drive for Ferrari it’s a unique Grand Prix where you feel the support and emotion from all the Italian fans


Diego Ioverno: The support of Tifosi is fundamental for us, it’s giving us an extra boost in every activity that we do


Guy Lovett: Obviously it’s a very passionate race for Ferrari and the wider team and at Shell we share that passion for performance


Stefano Domenicali: For us it’s our home Grand Prix, it’s an extra pressure that we love to have


Lucy Taylor: When you’re wearing the red uniform you do feel like a rockstar


Mark Wakem: It may be a more severe track in terms of horsepower and full throttle but from the point of view of engine oil temperature, although the stresses are higher, the temperature is actually not too bad 


Mattia Binotto: It’s where the best engine will win it becomes a competition between engine manufactures


Mike Evans: The drivers can be at full throttle for 70-75% of the circuit


David Salters: The car has low drag, so for the same amount of power, the car goes faster or further so averagely over the lap you use less fuel


Fernando Alonso: Winning in Monza for Ferrari is something amazing