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Marc Gene: I’m Marc Gene Ferrari’s Formula 1 test driver and this is the Inside Track to Hungary.

Hungary is like Monaco in a permanent circuit.


Fernando Alonso: It is a circuit where it is not so high-speed corners so you need to get the grip from the mechanical side so a good set up in the suspension


Marc Gene: Very bumpy, very hot, it’s a race that’s in summer and it’s really quite physical as well for the drivers


Guy Lovett: Shell’s aim is to deliver a fuel that balances high performance with good fuel economy in order to enable Ferrari to take as an aggressive strategy as possible


Mike Evans: There can be quite a lot of strain on the fuel how it performs when it gets really hot


David Salters: We work carefully with Shell and also with our own testing procedures we have ways to identify what are promising fuels at various type of conditions at Hungary


Mattia Binotto: From an engineering point of view it’s really very important to keep all the products as cool as possible, not only the fuel itself the lubricants


Mark Wakem: It’s bumpy twisty its also dusty for example dust, if it’s ingested by the engine can cause wear so we have to look at the wear rates especially there that’s where the trackside lab analysis comes in


Fernando Alonso: It’s a circuit that you need to know very well, it’s not easy at all so more years you are running, more laps you do you get always that extra tenth