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Rob Smedley: Hi I’m Rob Smedley, race engineer for Scuderia Ferrari and this is the Inside Track to Belgium


Fernando Alonso: In Spa Francorchamps you need a complete car, it is a circuit that is very demanding in aerodynamics in the engine side, on the breaking side and in the mechanical side. So it’s the perfect circuit


Marc Gene: Because of Eau Rouge, there is no other corner in the world where you feel positive and negative g-force


Fernando Alonso: The best combination of corners in the championship, you have the most exciting lap


Mike Evans: It’s a great place for Shell, obviously we have a big presence there and it’s a place where we try and bring some big updates on the fuels and lubricants before the start of the fly away races


Marc Gene: The fact that it is the longest circuit in the world, that the weather is changing so much


Stefano Domenicali: We’ve had several occasions where we’ve had half of track wet and half of track dry


Rob Smedley: You just have to find the right compromise between the car for the wet and the car for the dry


Mark Wakem: At SPA the driver is looking for support from his engineers on a severe track, so the track side team of Shell will be providing the used oil analysis throughout the weekend to make sure they know everything is reliable


Rob Smedley: You feel the history there and to go there with the most historic team, you know, you’re part of that history


Marc Gene: To drive an F1 car at SPA is one of the most special things anyone can do