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On the track with Indy car

Innovation, performance and efficiency continue to drive mobility on and off the track.

Take the Smarter Driving Challenge

Fuel efficiency world record holder, Wayne Gerdes

Fuel efficiency world record holder, Wayne Gerdes

While we all want to find ways to save at the pump, in racing, fuel efficiency can mean the difference between winning and not finishing the race.  So whether you’re safely racing around town on errands or just want to make the most of what you drive, take time to find out how you can be a Smarter Driver.

As global energy demand continues to rise, Shell is improving energy use for transportation through Smarter Mobility.

We developed a Smarter Driving program for motorists to help them go farther on less fuel by helping them M.A.P. their own journey to Smarter Driving. Take the Shell Smarter Driving Challenge:

Maintenance - Perform “smart” maintenance before you drive. Did you know? Keeping tires inflated at the correct pressure can improve your gasoline mileage by more than 3 percent.*

Actions - Practice "smart" actions and behaviors while you’re behind the wheel. Did you know? You can assume that each 5mph you drive over 50mph is like paying an additional $0.25 per gallon for gasoline.*

Products - Purchase "smart" products and services at the right price without sacrificing quality. Did you know? Clean engines are more fuel efficient. Most drivers are not aware that if enough deposits form in the engine, there could be a loss of 3-6% of your fuel economy.**

Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated with Superior Active Cleansing Agents, keeping engines clean throughout their life, so you can drive an extra 550 miles per year on average vs. a dirty engine.

*Based on information found at www.fueleconomy.gov. Cost savings are based on an assumed fuel price of $3.61/gallon.

**Fuel economy measurements made using CAFE cycle under FTP75. Average of 550 extra miles based on mixed city/highway miles and US average of 13,476 miles driven per year with 4.1% better MPG

Pennzoil - What's inside your engine?

Clean engines run more efficiently, generate greater power, produce fewer emissions and last longer – even under extreme conditions. Pennzoil Ultra™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil serves as a symbol for automotive innovation and pushes the limits for ultimate performance, cleanliness and protection: 

  • Nothing keeps an engine closer to factory clean than Pennzoil Ultra™*
  • Pennzoil Ultra™ keeps pistons up to 65 percent cleaner than the toughest industry standards and keeps pistons up to 25% cleaner than Mobil 1 and cleaner than any leading synthetic oil**

*Based on Sequence VG sludge test using SAE 5W-30

**Based on Sequence IIIG piston deposit test using SAE 5W-30. Does not apply to Pennzoil Ultra™ Euro or Pennzoil Ultra™ 0W-40. Pennzoil Ultra keeps pistons up to 35% cleaner than Valvoline® SynPower® and up to 40% cleaner than Castrol® EDGE® with SYNTEC®