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Shell V-Power Formula for Excitement Contest

Americans have had a long love affair with driving high performance vehicles- the ones that put the excitement in getting behind the wheel.

But whether it’s the roar of a very specific engine, the smell of worn leather, or the company of someone special, every driver has a few particular things about driving these automobiles that gives them a chill up their spine – a certain rush, or thrill. 

Show us what is most exciting for you about getting behind the wheel – the people, places, sights and moments that best represent your passion for driving during the Shell V-Power “Formula for Excitement” Contest for a chance to win! 

You could be featured on the Shell Facebook page and win the Grand Prize: an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime weekend driving experience and a year’s worth* of Shell V-Power® Premium Gasoline, our best, most technically advanced gasoline that actively cleans for better performance.

Weekly winners have the chance to win $250 in Shell V-Power Gift Cards and be named the Grand Prize winner.

Do You Have a Winning Formula?

From October 2 to November 25, share three photos and three hashtags to create a collage that best represents your formula for driving excitement on our Facebook page

To share these unique formulas, Shell will feature weekly winners as the “Formula of the Week” on the Shell Facebook page. 

Then the eight weekly winners will be featured on the Shell Facebook contest tab and you will have the opportunity to vote on the formula you feel best represents the excitement of driving. The entry that receives the most votes will be deemed the Grand Prize winner, and awarded an exclusive driving weekend.

The Grand Prize winner and a guest will travel to Chicago, Ill., where they will both enjoy the thrill of driving a NASCAR stock car with the Richard Petty Driving Experience. They’ll then travel from Chicago to Indianapolis, Ind., to attend the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” the Indy500.

An exciting drive is only possible when your vehicle performs at its best. Shell V-Power® Premium Gasoline actively cleans for better performance by removing an average of 60% of harmful intake valve deposits left behind by low quality premium gasoline, and starts with your very first tank. Shell V-Power is Ferrari’s choice for improved performance.

Share Your Story: Tell Us Your Formula for Excitement!

For more information on Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline go to www.shell.us/vpower. 

*For the purposes of this Prize, “a year’s worth of Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline®” is calculated as the average consumer’s yearly gasoline consumption of 636 gallons (4.5 fuel purchases per month x 11.77 gallons of gasoline per purchase x 12 months) at an average August 27, 2013 cost of $3.873/ gallon consistent with the Oil Price Information Services national average released on August 27, 2013 (636 x $3.873 = $2,463.22). The prize has been rounded up to $2,500.00.