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Shell Diesel FiT is an ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel which provides precision protection to help keep diesel engines performing as designed.

1. What is Shell Diesel FiT?

Shell Diesel FiT is an ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel which provides precision protection to help keep diesel engines performing as designed.

  • The exclusive new formula used in Shell Diesel FiT provides protection against 1) performance robbing gunk build-up and also provides enhanced 2) anti-corrosion and 3) anti-wear protection for your diesel engine investment.
  • An additional level of protection is provided to consumers in certain cold weather markets to help protect against fuel gelling, which can reduce diesel engine performance.

2. Does this new formulation include your patented "nitrogen-enriched" chemistry?

No. Shell Diesel FiT contains a unique formulation using a cleaning agent designed for diesel to help prevent the build-up of carbon deposits on fuel injectors.

3. Can you explain the new formulation used in this fuel?

With continuous use, the exclusive new formula in Shell Diesel FiT provides precision protection to help maintain diesel engine performance as designed. An additional level of protection is provided to consumers in very cold climates to help prevent fuel gelling. Specific benefits include:

  1. Gunk Build-Up: Fuel injector deposits can reduce combustion efficiency. The exclusive New Shell Diesel FiT formula protects against this deposit build-up to help maintain proper injector fuel flow and spray pattern as designed.
  2. Anti-Corrosion: Use of diesel meeting minimum government quality standards can result in corrosion of vital engine parts such as the fuel pump. Shell Diesel FiT contains enhanced corrosion inhibitors to help prevent fuel system corrosion to protect your investment.
  3. Anti-Wear: Shell Diesel FiT is formulated to help provide additional anti-wear protection for your diesel engine exceeding minimum government quality standards.
  4. Anti-Gelling: In cold weather conditions, diesel meeting minimum government standards can “gel” which can result in the inability to start the vehicle or reduce diesel engine performance. In select cold weather markets, new Shell Diesel FiT will contain anti-gelling agents for enhanced cold weather performance. Look for the "Special winterized anti-gel formula" label on the dispenser.

4. Can this fuel be used by commercial/heavy-duty diesel engines?

Shell Diesel FiT meets all ASTM D975 diesel fuel specifications and can be safely used in all commercial and heavy-duty engines requiring this industry standard fuel quality.

5. Where can I find Shell Diesel FiT?

Shell Diesel FiT is currently being offered at approximately 65 Shell branded stations in the Waco-Temple-Killeen, Texas area and 105 locations in the Seattle, Washington market. Participating Shell branded stations in the Waco-Temple-Killeen and Seattle areas will have signage and point-of-purchase materials displayed to indicate that Shell Diesel FiT is available at that site.

Motorists may also download our Shell Motorist app  or call Shell Customer Care at (888) 467-4355 for a list of participating sites in those areas.

6. How much will Shell charge for this new product?

Shell Diesel FiT will be priced competitively with other advanced ultra low sulfur diesel fuels. One of the objectives of the market tests is to gain additional insight into commercial and consumer retail pricing.

7. Have you tested the fuel economy benefits of Shell Diesel FiT on light-duty diesel vehicles?

To date, our fuel economy testing efforts have been focused on the heavy-duty truck sector, which is the largest consumer of diesel fuel in the U.S. market. After reviewing product acceptance in the market trials, an assessment will be performed to determine whether to conduct additional fuel economy tests for the light-duty diesel vehicle segment.

8. Is Shell Diesel FiT a premium diesel?

No, Shell Diesel FiT is an enhanced, differentiated, ultra low sulfur diesel fuel that meets industry standard ASTM D975 diesel fuel specifications.

9. Does this fuel result in increased nitrogen oxide emissions?

No. Vehicular nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions occur primarily due to nitrogen present in the incoming air. NOx is produced when the nitrogen from the air reacts with oxygen under high engine temperature and pressure conditions.

In the Shell Diesel FiT formula we have deliberately increased the nitrogen content through inclusion of an exclusive advanced cleaning system. The advanced cleaning system helps provide protection against gunk build-up on fuel injectors through continuous use, but does not impact emissions directly itself.

10. Is the exclusive Shell Diesel FiT advanced cleaning system compatible with renewable diesel fuels?

Shell Diesel FiT is designed to be fully compatible with the industry standard D975 diesel fuel specification which both regular and renewable (bio) diesel fuels must meet.

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