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green diesel truck driving

Shell Diesel FIT is currently available at participating Shell stations in Seattle, WA and Waco-Temple-Killeen, TX areas. Click on the station finder banner below and select Shell Diesel FIT to locate a participating station in these markets.

This advanced diesel fuel provides three way protection against (1) power and performance-robbing deposit build-up on fuel injectors and provides enhanced  (2) anti-corrosion and (3) anti-wear protection for the vehicle investment.

Fuel storage benefits are also provided along with winter fuel gelling protection in select cold weather markets.

For heavy duty vehicles, extensive "real-world" testing has also demonstrated fuel economy and CO2 emission savings.

Saving Calculator

Use the  savings calculator below to estimate how much Shell Diesel FiT can help reduce your fleet fuel operating costs and benefit the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Shell Diesel FiT fuel economy calculator

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