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green diesel truck driving

Shell Diesel FIT is currently available at participating Shell stations in Seattle, WA and Waco-Temple-Killeen, TX areas. Click on the station finder banner below and select Shell Diesel FIT to locate a participating station in these markets.

How does SHELL DIESEL FiTâ„¢ protect your engine power, performance and investment?

Fuel injector deposits can cause incorrect fuel flow and spray pattern reducing combustion efficiency and increasing fuel consumption. The exclusive SHELL DIESEL FiT with advanced Fuel Injection Technology helps to protect engine power and performance by preventing injector deposit buildup. Shell Diesel FiT also contains special anti-wear and anti-corrosion agents to protect your investment and keep the fuel system operating as designed.

Click HERE  to see benefits to ALL Diesel Vehicles and HERE  to see additional benefits to Heavy Duty Vehicles.

dirty fuel injector with deposits

Deposits on fuel injector causing incorrect fuel flow and spray pattern.

clean fuel injector

Clean fuel injector showing proper fuel flow and spray pattern.

Additional Benefits to Heavy Duty Vehicles

Shell Diesel FiT fuel economy calculator