The exclusive Shell Diesel FiT with advanced Fuel Injection Technology contains:

  1. Powerful fuel injector cleaning agents to help maintain designed engine power, performance and fuel economy,
  2. Enhanced anti-corrosion agents to help protect your engine and fuel system investment,
  3. Extra anti-wear agents to help protect your fuel system and keep it operating as designed,
  4. Special anti-gel agents during winter to help prevent fuel gelling (in select cold weather markets),
  5. Water separation agents to help provide consumers with dry fuel and maintain designed engine power, performance and fuel economy.

Extensive testing of the exclusive Shell Diesel FiT formulation in heavy duty truck fleets has also demonstrated fuel economy and CO2 savings.

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Shell Diesel FiT FAQ

(1) Based on US EIA monthly retail diesel on-highway prices as of – June 1, 2014.
(2) Fuel economy benefits can be impacted by many factors including, but not limited to, engine maintenance and driver habits. Individual results may vary. 

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