Tropical Disturbances

Hurricane Irma – Update two

Sep 8, 2017

As a precautionary measure, we have suspended some of our well operations and reduced staff at our eastern Gulf of Mexico assets in preparation for potentially severe weather conditions in the region associated with Hurricane Irma. There are currently no impacts to production.

Hurricane Harvey - Deer Park Holding Statement

Sep 6, 2017

Shell Deer Park is currently assessing start-up efforts across the site following the impacts of Hurricane Harvey. We will re-start operations once all system checks have been completed. The top priority of Shell Deer Park is to operate in a safe and environmentally sound manner. We would like to thank all of our employees, contractors, and local agencies who are working around the clock to ensure we're up and running as quickly as possible - despite the devastating personal impacts of the hurricane. We will share more information as it becomes available.

Hurricane Irma – Update ONE

Sep 6, 2017

Shell is monitoring the movements of Hurricane Irma to support the safety of our people and the integrity of our Gulf of Mexico and coastal assets.

Hurricane Harvey – Update Seven

Sep 4, 2017

Workers continue to return to the Perdido spar to perform inspections and test operating systems in anticipation of a safe, restart of the asset after Tropical Storm Harvey. 

Hurricane Harvey – Update Six

Sep 1, 2017

Crews are continuing to arrive onto Perdido to perform inspections, check operating systems, and prepare the spar for restart. Early inspections have not revealed any major damage to Perdido as a result of Tropical Storm Harvey’s impacts.

Hurricane Harvey – Update Five

Aug 28, 2017

The United States Coast Guard visually confirmed the structural integrity of Shell’s Perdido Spar during a fly-over on Saturday, August 26th. In addition, we can verify that Perdido’s on-board systems are functioning. We continue to monitor the asset from a state-of-the-art remote operation center in downtown New Orleans.

Hurricane Harvey – Update Four

Aug 25, 2017

By Thursday, August 24th, approximately 160 workers were returned to shore after the Perdido production spar was safely shut in. The Enchilada and Salsa platforms were also shut in Thursday, and a portion of the crew were brought in to shore today. A small crew will stay on site at Enchilada Salsa toensure the safe operation of the facility’s pipeline infrastructure, which is currently being used to transport oil and gas from Shell’s Auger production hub to shore.

Hurricane Harvey – Update Three

Aug 24, 2017

Shell safely shut in production and secured its Enchilada Salsa asset in response to downstream constraints created in preparation for Hurricane Harvey. As a safety precaution, Shell has reduced the number of people on the asset.

Hurricane Harvey – Update Two

Aug 23, 2017

Shell safely shut in production and secured its Perdido asset in preparation for severe weather associated with Tropical Depression Harvey. Shell is in the process of returning all personnel working on Perdido to shore. We continue to monitor this weather system and assess for potential impacts to our other operations in the western Gulf of Mexico. Shell's top priority is always the safety of our people, the environment and our assets.

Hurricane Harvey – Update One

Aug 22, 2017

Shell is continuing to monitor the remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey. As a precautionary measure, we are taking steps to secure our assets in the western Gulf of Mexico in preparation for severe weather. There is no current impact to production. Shell's top priority is always the safety of our people, the environment and our assets.

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