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The 61.5 MW wind farm is located in the San Gorgonio Pass area, 9 miles northwest of Palm Springs, California, and began operations in September 2002 after a construction time of 3 months. Whitewater Hill enhances the capacity of an existing wind park. There were already more than 200 smaller turbines installed on the Whitewater Hill site dating from the mid-1980s. California pioneered wind development in the USA, being the first state to develop large-scale wind parks in the early 1980s.

The San Gorgonio Pass has more than 1,400 turbines installed generating 520 MW. Whitewater Hill consists of 41 1.5 MW GE Wind Energy turbines. Annually, the project is estimated to produce enough energy to power approximately 12,000 households. Whitewater Hill is co-owned with Goldman Sachs.


  • Installed Capacity: 61.5 MW
  • Number of Turbines: 41
  • Turbine Model: GE Wind Energy 1.5 MW
  • Turbine Output: 1.5 MW
  • Rotor Diameter: 65m
  • Hub Height: 65m

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