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Innovation in Deep Water - Mars B/Olympus

Production has begun from the Mars B development through Olympus – Shell’s seventh, and largest, floating deep-water platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Mars B extends the life of the greater Mars basin to 2050 and connects to new deep-water discoveries.

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Employees of DeerPark

People and organisation

Our global community of nearly 45,000 technical and engineering staff develop and deliver technical solutions to our projects throughout the world.

Around 10% of our technical staff carry out research and development at our technology centres in 11 countries.

Their knowledge and creativity help us to meet the world’s growing need for energy in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Chief Scientists

Our internationally recognised chief scientists help to enhance the expertise of our staff and act as ambassadors for Shell technology, collaborating with academics and other industry experts to lead the way in their area of expertise.

They work with our Chief Technology Officer to develop and deliver technology that supports our current business and to identify emerging technologies that will shape the future of energy.

Investing in the future

Shell has been the largest investor in research and development among the major international oil firms over the last five years. In 2010 we spent around $1 billion on the research and development of technologies that will be needed to produce more and cleaner energy, and more efficient fuels and products for our customers.