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Supplier Diversity

Therefore, Shell’s commitment is:

  • To recognize local content as a business imperative, and inclusion of SMWBEs and small businesses as critical components of local content and sustainable development.
  • To encourage strategies, processes, and behaviors consistent with diversity and inclusion in our procurement practices.
  • To apply the Five Behavioral Imperatives to our business processes to deliver sustainable practices in Supplier Diversity.
  • To support Capacity Building opportunities for SMWBEs.
  • To leverage opportunities with our prime suppliers to further inclusion of SMWBEs in 2nd Tier contracting.

Shell embraces the inclusion of SMWBEs because we believe that taking a broader, more integrated approach to our business not only reflects our values, but also will create value and provide us with a competitive advantage.

The VP of U.S. Diversity & Inclusion is responsible for facilitating the implementation of this policy. Shell’s Economic Development Council, and the Supplier Diversity Office, support the VP of U.S. D&I through the development of inclusive strategies and processes with the assistance of all Shell and Motiva leaders and employees to meet our Supplier Diversity aspirations.

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