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Shell honored

Each year, TAPE recognizes exemplary partnership programs across Texas whose commitment to education demonstrated a positive impact and measured change in student progress and outcomes.

Award winners are included in the TAPE publication, “Soaring to New Heights in Education: Powerful Partnership Practices Across Texas.” 

Shell was nominated for the award by Project GRAD, a nonprofit that works to ensure a quality public education for students in economically disadvantaged communities. Project GRAD serves 66 schools and more than 45,000 children in the Houston Independent School District. Since its inception, GRAD has enrolled 5,000 HISD students from Houston’s low-income communities into college with their scholarships.

Shell has partnered with Project GRAD since 1998, providing scholarship funding and support for the Advanced Mathematics College Institute at Rice University, which prepares promising high school students for the successful study of advanced high school mathematics. Besides exposure to a university environment, students earn a College Institute credit and an opportunity to receive the GRAD $4,000 college scholarship.

“Our partnership with Shell help us create new possibilities for students by leveraging resources together.  Students gain insight into areas of study that many may have never considered.  The ultimate goal is to better prepare students for the rigors of college and help them successfully navigate the new world of higher education,” said GRAD Executive Director Ann B. Stiles.

Since Shell began the partnership, 562 inner-city economically disadvantaged students have completed the three-week summer program at Rice.  As a result, students have significantly improved their academic achievement in advanced mathematics and increased their confidence levels about learning math.

“The impact on student achievement has been a key result of this partnership,” notes Frazier Wilson, manager of Shell Social Investment.  “Besides preparing high school students for rigorous math courses, the experience also exposes students to real-life applications of advanced mathematics and they develop a deeper understanding of career possibilities, which is a win for Shell.”