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Why does Shell care about increasing the population of oysters? To help stop the decline of coastal estuaries.

Populations of native Eastern Oysters in estuaries in the Gulf of Mexico and Long Island Sound and native Olympia oysters on the West Coast are vital to the health of an estuary. They filter nutrients, fine sediments and toxins from the water column. They also improve water quality and protect shorelines.

That’s why oyster conservation and restoration is among a number of funding priorities of the Shell Marine Habitat Program, a partnership between Shell and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Each year, the program funds conservation and restoration activities that result in measurable benefits to key species and their habitats. Over the past 22 years, more than $5 million has funded an array of projects, from creating sustainable fisheries to protecting sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico to increasing the nesting success and survival of shorebirds in the Gulf of Mexico and Long Island Sound.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation manages the Shell Marine Habitat Program and funding inquiries can be directed to the following contact:

Shell Marine Habitat Program

Attention: Suzanne Sessine, Assistant Director, Southeast

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 900

Washington, DC 20036 Phone: (202) 857-0166

E-mail: Suzanne.Sessine@nfwf.org

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