Our experience in areas from the mountain foothills of Alberta, Canada to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can bring to every new project and nearby community.

Over the last decade, using advances in proven technology to tap rich resources of previously inaccessible "tight" oil and gas (including oil and gas locked in shale formations) we have expanded our Americas onshore oil and gas portfolio.

Areas where Shell now operates:

  • Groundbirch Located in North East British Columbia and consists of shale/tight silts gas formations
  • Deep Basin Tight Gas Located in West Central Alberta and straddles the provincial boundary into North East British Columbia. It consists of several tight gas sands trapped in a basin-centered gas system
  • Fox Creek Located near the town of Fox Creek in northwest Alberta, and consists of tight/shale gas formations, known as the Duvernay
  • Alberta Foothills The Waterton, Jumping Pound and Caroline fields of Alberta are sour gas assets that have been producing for more than 50 years
  • Marcellus Shale/Utica This Appalachian basin featuring tight shale gas extends into several Appalachian states, including Pennsylvania. Utica is an emerging exploration area in this basin
  • Permian Basin This basin reaches from west Texas to southeastern New Mexico and has produced conventional oil for decades. It’s now re-emerging as a significant liquids-rich shale resource

Areas where Shell is exploring:

  • Rocky Mountain House This emerging liquids-rich shale exploration area is located near the town of Rocky Mountain House, in central Alberta
  • Vaca Muerta This shale oil and gas formation is in the western Argentine province of Neuquén
  • Valle Medio Del Magdalena (Middle Magdalena Valley) A shale oil and gas basin located in central Colombia

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How We Operate

We develop onshore natural gas projects with a long-term view that measures success in multiple dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

Producing Oil And Gas

Helping meet global energy demand in a responsible way. We are focusing on delivery and growth, leveraging our strong portfolio.

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