Shell owns and operates three refineries in the United States, California (Martinez), Texas (Deer Park) and Washington (Puget Sound), with a combined capacity of approximately 591,000 barrels per day.*

Motiva owns and operates three refineries in Louisiana (Convent and Norco) and Texas (Port Arthur) with a combined capacity of 731,000 barrels per day, along with a 40,300 barrel-per-day base oil plant. Four Shell plants, Alabama (Mobile), Louisiana (Norco and Geismar) and Texas (Deer Park), manufacture 20 billion pounds of chemicals annually for industrial use.

*Includes capacity of the Shell Deer Park Refinery, a 50/50 joint venture with P.M.I. Norteamerica, S.A. de C.V.

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Finding Oil And Gas

Shell is probably best known for bright red and yellow service stations and for exploring and producing oil and gas.

Producing Oil And Gas

Helping meet global energy demand in a responsible way. We are focusing on delivery and growth, leveraging our strong portfolio.

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