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Akon lights up Africa

Shell and Akon unveil Africa’s first player- and solar-powered football pitch in Lagos, celebrating the potential of renewable energy.

A force to be reckoned with

How do you create light from a pile of rocks? GravityLight is on a mission to bring a renewable source of light to those with no access to electricity.

Car-powered windmills

Think of all that wasted energy from passing cars, then imagine what we could achieve if we captured it. Capture Mobility, one might say… 

Running on waste

We’re creating advanced biofuels from the waste of non-edible crops, to fuel more journeys.

We’re making gas cool

We’re making gas cool. Around 162oc below zero. That’s the temperature at which natural gas turns into a liquid, which in turn can be used to fuel ships, trucks, trains and other transport sectors.

National Geographic Your Shot

National Geographic, in partnership with Shell, asked their Your Shot photo community to interpret different topics, all linking back to how we can #makethefuture.

A breath of fresh air

Household air pollution from cooking kills over 4 million people every year. See how a simple idea could change that.