Innovation is in our DNA – it means making things better than before. It means driving the right solutions to unlock the energy that our customers need to power and sustain their lives. But we know we cannot solve the world's energy challenges on our own.

To meet the rising energy demand in the most socially, environmentally, and economically responsible way, we need to leverage the full power of innovation: the capacity for doing things differently and better than before.

Open about innovation

We champion open innovation and work together with third parties far beyond the boundaries of our industry to generate new ideas and speed up their development. And we foster innovative technologies to support our strategy, from idea to application.

Across the UK we have a number of energy-related joint ventures and partnerships. We also work with local and national government and other companies on issues ranging from improving safety to protecting biodiversity.

You can innovate with Shell

Do you have an idea or technology that could transform the energy industry? Your idea, product, business model, technology or social innovation could be what we are looking for to unlock the energy the world needs.

Through our GameChanger programme, for example, we provide funding and expertise for promising technical ideas. Globally we have turned more than 200 such ideas into technologies that will help deliver energy to a changing world for many decades to come.

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